Density and the “Sprawl Subsidy”

When a new home is built in Ward 8, the builder covers the entire cost for the required new infrastructure. This same standard must be applied across the city.

In 2011, Council approved a new development levy agreement for new suburban communities in Calgary. This new agreement more than doubled the levy that developers have to pay to build the necessary infrastructure to support growth. Below is an except from the council minutes on May 16, 2011 where John voted in support of decreasing the subsidy.  For the complete minutes please follow the link HERE

ADOPT, Moved by Alderman A. Chabot, Seconded by Alderman R. Pootmans, that theSPC on Land Use Planning and Transportation Recommendations contained in Report LPT2011-35 be adopted, as follows:That Council:1.   Approve, by way of a Council Resolution, the charges and fees in the 2011 Master Development Agreement as negotiated (Attachment 2);

2.   Give three readings to the Offsite Levy Bylaw (Attachment 4) for the transportation, water, sanitary, sewer and storm sewer offsite development levies;

3.   Instruct the Administration to work with industry to reduce the cost of process, specifications and infrastructure for new subdivisions by ten percent and report back to the SPC on Land Use, Planning and Transportation Committee no later than 2011 December 14 with a summary of a minimum of potential savings; and

4.   Direct Administration to develop a process for broad stakeholder and community involvement and consultation, in order to develop the principles for a new framework and mechanisms for paying for new growth, and report to Council through the SPC on Land Use, Planning and Transportation, no later 2011 December.

For:G-C. Carra, A. Chabot, D. Colley-Urquhart, P. Demong, D. Hodges, S. Keating, G. Lowe,G. MacLeod,

J. Mar, B. Pincott, R. Pootmans, J. Stevenson


N. Nenshi, D. Farrell


Recycling and Waste Reduction

Improving recycling and reducing waste is an important city goal.

The city has committed to diverting 80 per cent of its waste away from landfills by 2020. It’s a goal that we should aspire to. To achieve this, we will need to incorporate recycling for multifamily units, and implement an organic recycling program. I recognize the pressing need for multifamily recycling in Ward 8 and will do everything in my power to move this ahead. I will also take into account the unique nature of multi-family living as we develop a solution for recyclables and organics.

Currently the City is developing a cost-of-service strategy for the multi-family sector, which will be presented to Council no later than February 2014 with recommendations for implementation in 2015/2016. The Green Cart pilot project continues to grow, enabling residents in those communities to reduce their organic waste by 40%. To support a Calgary-wide green cart program, the City is planning a large scale composting facility on the Shephard Landfill site. The design will be finalized in 2015 with an anticipated opening in 2017. I fully support this initiative.