John Mar is someone who really cares about his constituents and his ward.

I am one of the co-founders of the organization Calgary River Communities Action Group. We have over 800 flood impacted members and we work closely with all levels of government to help get resources, policy and infrastructure in place that will restore losses and prevent future damage.

In the first few days following the flood John was contacting me and other constituents to see how he could help. “What do you need?”  was his question.  Some knew what they needed. Others had no idea where to start. But John’s answer of Mission Possible was amazing. John and his group directed teams of incredible volunteers to help his constituents with the terrible dirty and emotionally devastating work of clearing homes and salvaging belongings.

John is committed to his community. He came through when we needed him most.

Emma May, Co-Founder, Calgary River Communities Action Group and Elbow Park resident