I’m proud to have the support of my communities.


I live in Ward 8 and serve as president of Beltline Communities. This civic election, my personal endorsement goes to re-electing John Mar as Ward 8 Councillor.

Even though we Beltline community organizers had been working on it for a nearly a decade, the district’s urban way of life hadn’t fully taken hold when John was first elected in 2007. Ideas and plans were in place, but it took John’s leadership to help move things at City Hall.

Where helpful, Alderman Mar sweeps aside entrenched policies and practices. His positive focus on outcomes helps unleash Beltline’s potential to flourish as a ‘for-real’ big city district. First, policing was made far more urban-appropriate, moved out of cars, and on to the streets. Then social service agencies got support for innovation that brought a better ‘fit’ with Beltline’s neighbourhoods. John works tirelessly for new parks, better infrastructure, and higher maintenance standards as well as for bike lanes, sidewalks, and transit routes in the community. Most of all, John doesn’t just talk about these things, he makes them happen.

John is key to ongoing City support of Beltline’s growth. John’s cleared the way for our community organization to continue attracting more private investment in condos, rental apartments, creative businesses, the arts and retail. We proceed with confidence, and John is there to improve and ‘shepherd’ the many projects through the ‘hoops and ladders’ of the bureaucracy.

That Thursday night, the flood came. With the Mayor out of town on City business, Alderman Mar was first with immediate emergency action. John stood firm, organized and brought support, both material and of spirit, to the many thousands of Beltline residents who were evacuated and whose buildings were left uninhabitable by inundation. It’s been a massive effort and a long time to recover. John was steadfast, and John made sure that the needs of oft overlooked high rise residents in Beltline were addressed.

John has proven character, experience, vision and understanding. He knows what it takes to make leading-edge urban work. And Alderman Mar has established the skills, abilities and networks that will make the next steps possible for us. If you care about Calgary’s urban future, if you want a representative who can and will make ‘better’ happen in Centre City, get out and vote. Vote for John Mar. I did.

– Rob Taylor, President, Beltline Community Association


As a long-time resident of Scarboro and our community association’s most recent past president, I have known John Mar as a neighbour, friend and former board member. John has been responsive to our every need and instrumental in helping to work with the City of Calgary. I have always appreciated his openness and prompt attention to our concerns. We have been well served by him in the past and I look forward to his representation once again on city council.

– Rob Stirling, Past President, Scarboro Community Association

Spruce Cliff

As the current President and long-standing board member of the Spruce Cliff Community Association, I have worked with John Mar to help to resolve our community’s challenges. He has helped us navigate City Hall and was willing to find a solution when “no” was the initial answer.  He has always been responsive and approachable and has my trust and respect.

– Carolyn MacDonald, President, Spruce Cliff Community Association

Marda Loop

Over the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of working with John on a variety of community projects. From helping to free up land for community gardens, helping to stickhandle through the bureaucracy of City Hall to the leadership he showed on the King Edward School Arts incubator project, I have always been impressed by the dedication and passion for community that Councillor John Mar has shown.

John has been a strong representative of Ward 8 and he has earned my trust and respect. His leadership on a variety of urban issues along with his strong voice in favour of secondary suites has been impressive.

The flood was devastating to large parts of the city. I can tell you from first hand experience that John rose to the challenge. From delivering cots to community associations at all hours of the night to brining people and organizations together through several sleepless nights, his efforts were impressive.

I believe his collaborative approach on council is one that has resulted in many important initiatives being moved ahead.

I have been dismayed by the false narrative that has been created in this campaign. As someone who has had the opportunity to work hand in hand with John for all 6 years of his time at City Hall, I have seen the leadership that he has brought to Council and I offer him my full, unreserved endorsement.

– Marc Doll, Community Leader, Marda Loop