Marc Doll

Marc Doll

Over the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of working with John on a variety of community projects. From helping to free up land for community gardens, helping to stickhandle through the bureaucracy of City Hall to the leadership he showed on the King Edward School Arts incubator project, I have always been impressed by the dedication and passion for community that Councillor John Mar has shown.

John has been a strong representative of Ward 8 and he has earned my trust and respect. His leadership on a variety of urban issues along with his strong voice in favour of secondary suites has been impressive.

The flood was devastating to large parts of the city. I can tell you from first hand experience that John rose to the challenge. From delivering cots to community associations at all hours of the night to brining people and organizations together through several sleepless nights, his efforts were impressive.

I believe his collaborative approach on council is one that has resulted in many important initiatives being moved ahead.

I have been dismayed by the false narrative that has been created in this campaign. As someone who has had the opportunity to work hand in hand with John for all 6 years of his time at City Hall, I have seen the leadership that he has brought to Council and I offer him my full, unreserved endorsement.

Marc Doll, Community Leader

Calgary Police Association

John Mar is committed to law, order, and safe communities. He has been a steadfast supporter of police as we address crime and its root causes. John has law-and-order successes that have helped make  Ward 8 a safer place to live and work.

– Howard Burns, President, Calgary Police Association

Kerby Centre

Kerby Centre

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Kerby Centre, the largest seniors organisation in Calgary, John Mar has been a strong advocate for Seniors in Calgary and for the Kerby Centre.

– Luanne Whitmarsh, CEO, Kerby Centre

Naheed Nenshi

John believes in community service and lives his commitment to a better city every day. He’s been a powerful advocate for ward 8 and for our entire city.

– Mayor Naheed Nenshi

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